Danica Sue Patrick: Get Ready for the Hype

449px-Danica_Patrick_at_the_2008_Tribeca_Film_Festival It’s not that I don’t like her, but her on track record as a driver has been less than spectacular: 1 win, 3 poles & 4 podiums in 81 career starts, yes you could argue that  she has  been very successful in bring in fans & sponsors, as well promoting herself, but hasn’t helped improve the IRL’s image or ratings. Indeed the Andretti Green team thought so little of her skills that when they started there AMLS team she never once appeared in a race, even though she’d was constant front runner in there open wheel car. The problem here the NASCAR is so successful & deep, so that any good race driver want to race there & you just can’t bring dollars to the table unlike my other series. Many talented open wheel & road course drivers have tried & failed to get a foothold in stocks but so far including for F1 World Champion & the current IRL Champion, the only former full-time open wheel driver to have any success due to fact he’s been allowed grow with the same team he was racing with : his former IRL team & owner. NASCAR owners can afford to be very picky as result a driver whom doesn’t perform will be replaced, in some cases after only one race.  I have no doubt that her move into stockers is being driven dollars: both what she’ll bring & money she can make, but in the long term once she exposed to the meat grinder of NASCAR, what  will she be able to achieve especially if she doesn’t win @ the top level? She starting in the right place in ARCA (the 2010 race @ Daytona will set records for attendance & ratings) she may indeed win her 1st time out, but she’s not been shown to handle failure very well & that could be her undoing.
Danica Sue Patrick