Panhandling bill passes 5-4; McGinn veto likely to hold | Seattle Times Mobile It’s not everyday the City Council does something I agree with but passing this is good idea. Most panhandlers in Seattle are con artists- aren’t really homeless or needy. Because most people self absorbed jerks that want to show how compassionate they when were really not. These con artist know these & some make a very good living doing this. Several of them have been doing this years & no one caught on. The problems going to be the homeless mafia is going politic & has gotten the idiot mayor on there side. I hope the council overrides his veto, it would go a long way to reshaping a broken city.


How green is your vallley

It amazes me that in area that has a lot of money that best groomed most well maintained area are no were near Central Las Vegas. This in Henderson just to south. It actually called the Green Valley-why compared to Washington it’s not but comes a very close 2nd.

Red Bullsh……

You’d think that the redbullisters nascar effort would as far along as there F1 effort, but instead we get treated to sights such as Brian Vickers spin twice inside of 5 laps. Good  part of this is NASCAR’s no test policy which has hurt the teams and the racng.

Really now do ned to see that

Really it’s almost laughable. The lengths some women will go though to try exploit there sexuality, yet they complain about being sex objects. I my trip down the strip last this weekend I saw several women dressed like this, not that there was anything wrong it, but this style dressing has now entered the workplace. That’s when the fun begins. because you can look but not touch.

Where art thou RCR

It’s matter of record that former (?) RCR driver John Wes Townley hadn’t performed well this season, coupled  with off track DUI, that probably lead to his being yanked from the car after his latest  on track crash. Officially he’s still on the payroll, but the commentators on the ESPN broadcast seemed to think it was done deal. 

Is this Eldrick Woods guy any good

Really? After winning more golf tournaments than all but 2 others, then having his personal life turned upside cause he was stroking everything with a vagina, then  his wife found out. After all bullshit from the fake news conferences, phony interviews and stupid ass NIKE commercial, he’s near the lead of golf’s premiere tournament. Well 2010 was washout for The Tiger and 2011 should be better and I for one will excited.

Water, water every were?

Really now? Washington State is on the Pacific Ocean, has lakes and snow covered mountains, but does not have enough water? Arizona, Nevada are in the Desert and really have no water. So when someone whom calls themselves an expert claims Washington has no water then maybe they come to Desert and see no water looks like.

Whoa hold there phillip!

Read your comments.Sorry if I offended many of u.I don’t preplan my commentary. I try to be provoctive,funny but I crossed the line&im sorry”

I read that on twitter yesterday I’d didn’t think to much of it. But then I looked @ Yahoo News on my way to email fix another spam message delivered to my in box, then I saw the story then looked up found 6 stories. Really now? Adam Carolla disses a brain damaged boxer and the people of the philippines go crazy. He’s are national treasure they say. Really? Not the President or some other politician, Artist-musician-painter, Priest etc. But your national treasure is a boxer whom like to sign karaoke?   
Maybe this is a sign that taliban is winning, 30 years ago if Entertainer made a joke some 3rd world sportsman everyone laughed & that would of that. Now since were so afraid that these fuckers will get hold of bomb & tell one there cousins to put a suit & fly to Seattle and blow themselves up @ a Starbucks. 

No Vegas for me thanx.

Can’t believe I this, I’ve been in this god forsaken shit hole of a town for 10 months. I’d like it better if I could get laid more often but that’s beside the point, no jobs, no decent place to stay, no real night life and the people here a ignorant beyond belief.  But yet it’s refreshing, cause unlike seattle the people here don’t feel the need to constantly hype themselves. 

Sorry Danica, updated

Her name is Simona de Silvestro and she is now the best female driver in the IRL. In her 1st 2 races she out qualified and out raced Danica Sue. Mean while it looks like with JR Motorsports agreeing to run the 7 for the whole season in the Nationwde series, it was very interesting to see the car running on a off weekend for the IRL and no Danica in site. Seems if management group really wants to improve her brand she’d of been running this weekend.
It’s not gotten any better after 3 races now with the a marque event @ Long Beach this week, D.P. pretty much stayed in the back half of the field with the exception of using pit strategy to get up 10th at one point she finished were she started 19th. Meanwhile rookie SdS started 15th got up to 5th, spun ended up 21st. At this point the IRL most popular driver really should be more completive & the fact she’s not says alot about talent or lack there of.