Jobless claims drop; ranks of 99ers seeking tier 5 unemployment extension grow – National Unemployment |

Jobless claims drop; ranks of 99ers seeking tier 5 unemployment extension grow – National Unemployment | Barack is on vacation, so is Nancy and both are on record as opposing an extension, because they believe in creating jobs-bullshit. All they have done is show what a bunch of lairs they are, because all they have done is INCREASE unemployment. And yet the liberal news media is not covering this story-fuck them too


Enough already

UConn women basketball,(, Lebron James , Jimmy Johnson NASCAR championship, Danica Patrick , American Idol , Wikileaks , gay marriage ESPN , is that enough? I mean were to start? The University of Connecticut’ s women basketball team got more coverage than Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski whom is about to become the all-time winningest college basketball coach along the way to win another title. Most of the women will not reach the WNBA, itself a minor league. I get tried of being total how great they are when the reality is they could beat a good high school boys team. The next is Lebron James and his butt buddies at ESPN  have nothing hype each other. I was the least surprising move that he would leave Cleveland for Miami, but for ESPN to allow itself used by the Lebron James PR machine by bring in Jim Grey as his own personal reporter to make the announcement in prime time that Nike had purchased was unimaginable. Jimmy Johnson is not best driver in NASCAR, Kyle Busch is. What JJ is go at is points racing, taking chances trying to win races.  In fact he’s part of the reason the rating are down. Danica Patrick is one the worst drivers in Indy car racing but has the ego of someone like Kyle Busch. Gay marriage, most gays are white upperwardly mobile yuppies. For them to act as if there some oppressed minority group is laughable, but they have money and that equals power.

Sure I’ll buy it that but..OOPs!

Why all secretly, why doesn’t the White House just come out, say Osama Bin Laden is dead, and the we can all get on with are lives. The problem is no seems to know for sure but the article ( seems to say that most people in know think he is. The problem is that were’s the body and when did he die?

What the fuck! I guess we were ALL MOTHERFUCKING WRONG. Osama Bin Laden is dead, but we killed him and it doesn’t sound like it was old age.

The A-Team is more of d team

Can’t believe that this movie is rated as highly as it is, cause as movies goes it’s not that great even though I though with Liam Nelson and Gerald McRaniey , it should have been better, but with Jessica Biel and “Rampage” Jackson I should of know better. Good thing I didn’t pay to see it in a Theater based on the numbers not many people did-hopefully no sequel. 

This why a lot of people think Seattle Sports fans……

Suck or a  least are band wagoner’s they’ll jump only on anything that people think is cool or or hip. Problem is some the things they’ll support is neither see WNBA or MLS. No one in the country thinks so with the exception of the executives at ESPN and they think Colin Cowherd is great talent.,-beats-Seattle-34~18/