Excuse me but can I get a ride: #Indy500

You can imagine Dan Wheldon making phone calls and uttering these words before today. At the end of last season he walked away from his ride with Panther Racing and found part-time with former teammates Brain Herta’s new team, but that ended with the Indianapolis 500. You’d think a driver with 16 career wins including 2 in the 500, but there are no takers as we speak.

This years 500 might go down as one of the more memorable ones. Coming into the month Chip Gannasi and Roger Penske looked to fight it out for the win, but something strange happened . With the current car about to be phased out and most teams not having money to run the full season, most put there best effort into there 500 cars and the results showed. Of the top speeds in practice and qualifying most were single car teams. Yet Gannasi’s team had been at the top of most sessions and indeed lead the most laps in the race, but they had save fuel towards the end and in the last 36 laps lead to 8 different leaders, none of those were Wheldon whom wouldn’t lead a lap until the 4th turn of the final lap of the race.

This years 500 marks the end of era, as the the teams will get new cars and engines in 2012. It also thankful may mark the end of the Danica Patrick era, as ESPN so breathlessly reported while not covering any of the practice or qualifying. It’s interesting to note that her team owned by Micheal Andretti half assed it again and failed to get 2 of the 4 teams into the race, they brought a ride from A.J. Foyt, and everyone was pleased by that (not)


#ESPN is not your friend: A list of 10 #IndyCar drivers that are better than #Danicaare

Danica Patrick, Helio Castroneves

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Because she gets so much media you’d think Danica Patrick was one of more success drivers in the Indy Car, but the numbers don’t lie: 1 win in her almost 100 starts. So whose better Well here’s a list:


Dario Franchitti.

27 career wins, including Indy 500 wins in 2007 and 2010, sat out 2008 to go NASCAR racing, but ran out money and luck when broke a ankle half way though and came back. Also run 12 hours of Sebring. Married to Ashley Judd. Interesting to note he was a teammate of The Danica before he went to NASCAR also was  choosen by Micheal Andretti over her when he entered ALMS for Honda.


Hélio Castroneves

19 wins, should be 20 but for questionable officials call, 3 Indy 500 wins, won Dancing with the Stars, also beat the IRS.


Sam Hornish, Jr.

Also has 19 career wins, 1 Indy 500 win, left Indy Car after 2007 to go to NASCAR were currently sits idle due sponsorship issues (there is none)


Paul Tracy

Over 30 career wins in Indy Car, but none recently due to lack of rides, also due to sponsorship issues. should of won the 2002 Indy 500, due to a questionable call. While “PT” might be at the end of career he can still get it done.


Sébastien Bourdais

Other member of the 30 win club, he won the old champ car series championship 4 years in a row, left to go to Formula One with Red Bull, has also run Lemans. “Seabass” is currently on part time schedule due to funding issues.


Tony Kanaan

15 career wins, was Team leader with Micheal Andretti until this year, lost his ride with them due to sponsorship, now drives for KV racing. Another victim of the “Andretti luck” at Indy.


Dan Wheldon

Another driver with 15 wins, currently with Bryan Herta’s team himself a former driver and was holder of the record for fastest Indy Car race ever.


Scott Dixon

24 career wins, teammate of Dario,  1 Indy 500 win, was one of the youngest winners ever at 20 years old. Has won the 24 hours of Daytona


Buddy Rice

3 career wins, but 1 was in the Indy 500, also 24 hours of Daytona winner. Was a victim of sponsorship issues, since his win. Called by former owner Bobby Rahal one the best car set up he’s seen, another former Danica Patrick teammate.


Graham Rahal

1 career win, but it came in 2nd race he entered, hasn’t been able get a full time ride due to sponsorship issues, is the son of former Indy 500 winner Bobby Rahal, still is the youngest Indy Car racer winner ever.


Under rated? #GeorgeWashington

April 30: George Washington becomes the first ...

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If it is possible, considering what he was able to accomplish during his lifetime, is George Washington underrated? Consider this he’s on the $1.00 bill, was on the quarter, a state, and city.  Seems that considering his life that there should be more things and places named after him.

Momma’s got brand new bag #DanicaPatrick

Well ESPN reports Danica Patrick’s ‘People’ are trying to pimp her out NASCAR. Well not a crazy idea since if you’re a professional race car driver that’s were you’ll make the most money. The record of open wheel drivers making the transition to ‘Stock Cars’ is horrorable. Only Tony Stewart and Juan Pablo Montoya have made it. The rest are either part-time, gone but to IndyCars or worse out of the sport. So you may ask ‘What is? It’s $$$$$s people, and her ego. The ego that thinks she a elite driver and deserves better results than she has gotten, but hasn’t gotten cause she hasn’t earned them. So off to NASCAR she goes which is going to mean the end of career cause in you either perform or you’re out.

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I’m not a whore but I sure dress like one: #HannahStrom

Hannah Storm at the premiere of Baby Mama in N...

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Well there she is again. Wearing a really tight dress short dress. I’m trying watch for news of the sports world, but can’t help think impure thoughts. Lets be honest: Uh, uh uh sorry Linda Cohn just popped on screen.

Tony Kornheiser Suspended: But Are Hannah Storm’s ESPN Outfits Too Sexy? | Bleacher Report.

Why don’t you guys kill each other already?

The 1947 UN Partition Plan offered to both sid...

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The year is 1947 and Great Britain was had a assful of Palestine. Jews and Arabs are fighting with each other and the brits for control of that area. The Brits came with a plan divide up the area than would of given the Arabs/Palestinians the largest part of the land. The Jews agreed and it was approved by the UN. In 1948 the official state of Israel was created even though it’s existed in some form since the time of Christ. The only group that didn’t was the Arabs/Palestinians, whom wanted complete control. And so war continues and as result millions of people have died in what could be called the ulumite pissing contest.


The Pylon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Well with 2 days to go before “pole day’ at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the fastest speed turned was 227.778 almost 10 miles an hour slower than the all time track record. I had hoped that the IndyCar folks would go all out and try to get back era of 1919 until 1992 when pretty much every year a record was set. But that was a different era of  unlimited budgets, no lawyers, and safety be damned. But those times are long gone, but that hasn’t made the sport any safer. Tony Renna was the last driver killed at the Speedway, but was going 15 miles a hour under the track record. Next year new rules and cars will introduced that will bring back the glory days

List of Indianapolis 500 pole-sitters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I’m not a cunt, I just act like one

Danica Patrick's car at the Indianapolis Motor...

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Well Danica Patrick said today she wasn’t committed to returning to IndyCar Series next year. I’m sure it’s a money grab by her and “people” but would it hurt the series? The answer is no, because most of her success has been off the track not on it and most of her fans, haven’t been supportive of the series. Since she started, she hasn’t exactly been boon for ratings or attendance. So what are her options? She go to NASCAR, but she has not had any success there and unless she is going too bring a huge sponsorship deal none of the top teams will have her. Formula One, same issue, ALMS nope, NHRA is possibly. ESPN? Well why not- she’s veteran race car driver that’s media savvy and would be a great addition to their sable, but she would have leave the drivers seat. More than likely she stay in IndyCar with her current team unless she get a better offer from another team but that’s not very likely since there only 2 other teams that could pay her more than what currently making but she’s not the quality of driver there looking for.