So the world might end tomorrow……..or not

Well according to some, but not all “e xperts” we could see a massive stock market crash.  They claim its due to the failure of congress to to come to agreement on a budget which many are claiming cause the US miss its debt payments. Personally, I don’t think that is going to happen, since everyone wants to stay in office. However its also reason that it could. The people of the one of the current debate believe the government spends to much money, the says not enough. Well if folks are serious about cutting spending, they would be willing to cut executive and all government salaries by 10%, shut down departments such as Homeland Security, eliminate all tax breaks,  cut

spending by 10%, problem solved. Unforgivably this is not happening. One-side wants cut spending and taxes, the other wants to raise both. Both sides are pointing fingers. In the meantime the economy remains in its worst crises since the 30s and it is predicted to get worse.  Goodtimes