#LasVegas is the entertainment capitol of the world

Man sets fire to motel; tries to hang himself – www.ktnv.com.

2 people killed in head-on, wrong-way crash on U.S. 95

Trial rescheduled for man accused of belt-beating death of woman

Motorcyclist run over by dump truck identified

Trial set for Las Vegas mother in scissors slaying

Man arrested on suspicion of DUI after pedestrian killed

Police: Mom says baby in near-drowning left unattended in tub

Well it’s been called the “entertainment capitol of the world’ but if lived here you might come up with a different name. Adam Carolla on his podcast after listening to some genius from here trying to sell a tennis racket cover, called it the with trash capitol of the america. Other’s have described it as ‘Mississippi of the the west’ but considering it ranks below them in ever category you could call it some else. 

The number of deaths here of people by unnatural causes is surprisingly high. Currently in 2012 the city is  150% ahead of previous years total for traffic deaths. Most of these are single car DUI’s, but also a surprisingly high number of people are dying while jaywalking. The streets here are 6 to 8 lanes wide and there isn’t really a posted speed limit, so even in a marked intersection crossing the street is a adventure. This is because there really isn’t a priority given to traffic enforcement due to the fact that there so much crime that the department is stretched  thin. The other is people here don’t live there lives for the long term it’s all about what you got and not what is going to happen and that’s a problem