Haiku Tuesday: No more napping on a tradition

The Gear Knob


The last Haiku Tuesday was after a freaking NASCAR race.  A NASCAR RACE.  I cannot leave it at that, so it returns to its rightful IndyCar ownership.  Of course I planned on writing one post-St. Pete, but why bother writing about a race I missed due to a power-outage?  Half-assed efforts are the minimum, and that would be no greater than quarter-ass.

Also today does indeed mark my 31st birthday, meaning I’m now officially a “thirty-something”.  You mean, I’m a proper adult now?  LEGIT?  OH GOD NO.  BUT, BUT I WANNA GET DRUNK AT 6AM AND SLEEP TIL 5PM STILL.  DO I HAVE TO NOW EAT EARLY BIRD SPECIALS AND NOTHING ELSE?  WITH PRUNES?  THIS CANNOT BE.

Although I didn’t get a good finish from Simona for my birthday (KV Racing, FIX YO CONSISTENTCY) I did get much Penske/Ganassi schadenfreude, among other things.  Penske’s stranglehold on Barber was broken, Dario’s…

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