Kimi: Lotus give me the space to be myself


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Sometimes things you really did not expect to happen, happen. This can be said about our attempt to have an interview with Kimi Räikkönen. Before the opening of F1-Areena we sent an email to Lotus asking if Kimi had the time to answer some questions. Surprisingly, a positive response was received almost immediately and thus the questions were sent to our World Champion. Now, just a week later, the answers are here. F1-Areena has actually interviewed Kimi Räikkönen!

Q: What is your opinion of the Pirelli tires this year? Is the more severe degradation a step forwards or backwards?

KR: The tyres don’t feel too different to be honest. The strength of the car last year meant that we were able to manage the tyres quite well and make them last, and you can see in Australia that we did that very well. I think…

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