A Magical Opening for ‘Now You See Me.’ And Will Smith? Now You Don’t


For nearly two decades, Will Smith has been one of the most reliable anchors for a Hollywood blockbuster. If his name were a question — “Will Smith?” — the answer would be: “Yes, he Will!” But this weekend, when he costarred with his 14-year-old son Jaden in the science-fiction wilderness adventure After Earth, customers proclaimed, with a roar or a yawn, “No, he can’t.”

The globetrotting caper thriller Furious 6 (known to its publicists as Fast & Furious 6) won the weekend at the North American box office with $34.5 million, according to preliminary studio estimates. That’s a cliff-falling 65% drop from the movie’s Fri.–Sun. total a week ago, when it heisted $97.4 million on its way to a holiday weekend total of $117 million. Not that anyone at Universal, the franchise’s sponsor, is complaining. The movie simply followed the plot of its previous episode, Fast Five:…

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