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KOMO Story : ‘We’re all paying:’ Heroin spreads misery in US

By AMY FORLITI Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) – Some states, including Washington, are seeing an increase in heroin use as many addicts shift from more costly and harder-to-get prescription op…

Florida Mom Arrested for Trying to Pimp Out Teen Daughter to Super Bowl Fans


Police arrested a Florida mom in New York this week for allegedly attempting to pimp her 15-year-old daughter out to Super Bowl fans.

Cops posing as prospective clients online met the teen at a Midtown hotel on Wednesday after promising to pay her $200 for a sex act, the New York Daily News reports. The girl told them she was just 15, so cops arrested her mother, Yolanda Ostoloza, who was at a different Midtown hotel. She was charged with promoting prostitution and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17, NYPD Sgt. Jessica McRorie confirmed to TIME.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by the Daily News, Ostoloza told police she fully intended to pimp her daughter out. “We came up here to work and make money with a pimp,” she said. “I knew it was for escorting and prostitution.” TIME’s requests to the NYPD to see the complaint…

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Police: Woman Put Fecal Matter In Husband’s IV During Murder Attempt

CBS Las Vegas

CHANDLER, Ariz. (AP) — An Arizona woman is accused of trying to kill her hospitalized husband by injecting fecal matter into his IV line, police in suburban Phoenix said Friday.

Rose Mary Vogel of Sun Lakes was arrested Thursday on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder after a nurse found the 65-year-old handling her husband’s IV line, which was found to contain a brown substance, police said.

A hospital lab test identified the brown substance in the IV line as fecal matter, and a trace amount of a brown substance also was found in the needle of an otherwise empty syringe found in Vogel’s purse, police said.

When it was searched in the hospital, Vogel’s purse contained a total of three syringes, including two with a clear liquid, police said. Police documents said Vogel is a retired registered nurse who formerly worked at the hospital, Chandler Regional Medical Center.

Investigators plan to…

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Jeremy Espiritu Found Competent

CBS Las Vegas

(Las Vegas, KXNT)-A 22-year old Las Vegas man accused of slashing the neck of his family’s dog is found competent to stand trial.    Jeremy Espiritu was arrested in December for killing black lab mix Serenity.

A police report of the incident show’s Espiritu’s cold response to why he did it.  The report states Espiritu told police he “wanted to” and that he “likes to hurt dogs.”  The complaint goes into even more detail of what happened.  When asked if the dog provoked him,  Espiritu tells police, ” Nope, I just wanted to stab the dog so I sat on the floor and cut its neck.”

At the time, Espiritu’s stepfather and mother told police they were concerned with his mental health.  Espiritu has a history of drug abuse and has also been known to disappear for weeks at a time.

A court asked for psychological evaluations on Espiritu, but doctors…

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This your legacy @BarackObama

91,800,000. This number represents the number of people whom are either unemployed or unemployed under Barack Obama. These are people like myself whom can’t find decent employment so take jobs pay next to nothing and have long term prospects for improvement. It would nice to see him focus on reversing but this doesn’t seem to be the case.