#ESPN is not your friend: Part 2

A few years ago there was a jewelry company that used the tag “you have a friend in the diamond business” Well broadcast news used to be that way, actually not friend but more of a stern father that wasn’t afraid to tell you when you fucked up to get back to work. Last week the FCC said the internet is killing news broadcasting. Well how broadcasting is killing itself. All news today is based on the model that the viewer wants to be entertained not informed. The problem is that also means that important stories get buried or not reported at all. For example take ESPN, used to proclaim itself as the news and sports leader. But turn on the network today and it’s all promoting itself and the sports it carries. You didn’t need to watch the NBA Finals, cause ESPN and it’s staff of analysis covered the game longer than the game itself. meanwhile nothing about the upcoming lockout, or the issues behind it, or the NFL lockout or the issues behind it. Danica Patrick. If watch any of there coverage you would think she is one leading drivers in racing instead of one the worst. She also is not that attractive, but ESPN plays her as this “supermodel” racecar driver mixing it up with the big boys. She tried this at Daytona in July, led some laps but when it came time to win, she and teammate were bouncing off walls and then caused a multicar pile up to end the race. Last weekend she started end the basically in the same place 24th and yet ESPN interveiwed her before the the driver in 2nd place. Then Sportscenter at times a unwatchable mess that mixes music, slow motion videos on top of stupid ass no comments form the hosts. Another huge issue is that it most of the it will only cover sports that it shows it has broadcasts rights to, leads to sports such as Little League Baseball being highlighted instead of Major League. No ESPN is not your friend unless you buy into it