Guilty as sin The story is typical example of Seattle arrogance, if that she grew up in excursive Seattle suburb, that was all white, went to the best private schools then got study in Europe. She ended up staying in Perugia when was home to a lot of foreign exchange students. It also was a party town with alot of drinking & drug use. And the people of this town had had enough. The murder victim was black & was brutally raped & the murdered. At this point no one can say which of the 3 people in the house  but Knox was involved. The Knox family tried to portray her as a innocent victim, but I for one am not buying    


So long Sam

I  like Sam Hornsh-as a Indy Car driver. His time with Panther then Penske were as good as any driver could have. But then he got greedy, well it’s not greed, everybody knows that right now if you want to make money then you need to be in NASCAR.But it takes a while to figure it out, which Hornish as yet to do. Now with Mobile 1 going a away will Penske have the resources to run 3 cars? The short  answers is yes but will Hornish have to show more improvement than he’s show so far.