Now that was a movie star: Elizabeth Taylor

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There’s seen in CSI were Gil Grissom looks up a sees a suspect being brought in followed by paparazzi. Grissom asks Warrick Brown whose that is told it’s movie star, to which he replies ” no Clark Gable was a movie star” Elizabeth Taylor is in that group and is likely the last of her kind.  She got her start in 1941 and ended her career in 2003. Although it almost never got started cause the studio head that hired then fired is reported to have said “”She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she can’t perform. What’s more, her mother has to be one of the most unbearable women it has been my displeasure to meet.”   But she was soon acting in movies starting a age 10. But she was also a “Classy Dame” never saw her in Playboy or nude in any of movies on in last years hawking shit on QVC, she could and can teach alot of actors what’s like to be a entertainer and who to live life, RIP Dame Taylor the world will miss you.


Don’t need your money

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So Sandra Bullock gave the Red Cross a million dollars. It’s intended for Japan in the aftermath of there latest natural disaster. I like her and I feel very bad for them, but isn’t giving them cash  kind of a insult? Image this: Your house is burned to the ground and you lost everything. You have insurance that will cover everything. While your going through wreckage one of fiends/neighborer come over and says “I can’t help ya but here’s a couple bucks to tide ya over.”  The problem is what you need is help not cash. Help with cleaning up, rebuilding, moving etc. Cash is going to help you do what exactly? This article asks the same question . Actually it argues against it. To me a alot of this donating of cash is the new asholeism. I get to be a selfrightous asshole cause I gave money. You really want to help go to japan and help with the clean up.