This why your among the worst Ghetto Vegas


This worth $600,000?

Welcome to Drunk! It’s was to be about the nightlife in Las Vegas, but since the economy has turned to shit I turned it into my views of what I call Ghetto Vegas. Ghetto Vegas is what I call the areas off the Las Vegas Strip, that future some of the nation’a highest unemployment, crime, foreclosures, and poverty. It also has some of the worst educational systems and the water is undrinkable, GOODTIMES. The No. 1 industry here is tourism, no. 2 is anybody’s guess. In a lot of ways Kim Kardashian is in a lot of ways the perfect representative of Vegas. She’s easy on the eyes, but dumb as a rock, and yet  someone here is going to her $600,000. With that money you could hire or loan out to a 25 people that could go out and contribute to the local economy, but people ere don’t think like that.  The biggest problem here is the attitude. People don’t like to work. They’ve been able to gain wreath  and fame quickly and when you tell them they need to invest more in human capitol, they’ll look at you like you have a 3rd eye. Toyota came here a few months ago and looked around and basically said fuck it, yeah land is cheap but people especially here are inbreed country fucks and sorry we don’t need that you Ghetto Vegas.

Welcome to Ghetto Vegas

The North end of Las Vegas Blvd is not so glamorousImage via Wikipedia