Grow up people

There is apoint in you life were you need to decide if want to a boy or a man. I think that when I see someone above the age of 20 carrying a stake board. Yes I know fucking ESPN has kind of shoved extreme sports bullshit down everyone’s throat with the X games bullshit, but come people pull up your fucking skinny jeans and toss the stake boards in the trash and start acting like adults.


AUTO RACING – NHRA: Force Hood On Maternity Leave; Neff Steps In

NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series

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AUTO RACING – NHRA: Force Hood On Maternity Leave; Neff Steps In.

This is why women drivers and workers in general can never be truly equal to men. Can you image a man in a successful job taking time away, to have kids, yes it does happen but not very often.

How about a real feel good story

Keith Kauffman Sprint Car Racing

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You are Shane Himel it’s the early 2000s and you are the SHIT. Your dad is a top NASCAR crew chief and your on your way to top series. The problem is you like drugs and by the end of 2006 your out racing banned by NASCAR. But your working your way back by driving Sprint Cars then last year this happens:Your paralyzed in October after being critically injured during qualifying for the U.S. Auto Racing Club’s Silver Crown race in Indiana. Then today after 4 months in rehab you move arms and legs and who knows maybe even drive a racecar again.

News Ingram’s Flat Spot On: Remembering ‘The Intimidator’ –

NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, taken by offic...

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News Ingram’s Flat Spot On: Remembering ‘The Intimidator’ –

It’s also interesting to note what would of happened if Dale Ernhardt Sr have chosen not to  block Sterling Marlin and lived. I doubt he’d be looked upon as the icon he’s considered today. Micheal Waltrip Racing doesn’t exist. Chip Ganassi and Dodge get there 1st 500 win. Does Dale Ernhardt Jr even have a career at this point?  Does Toyota stay in Indy Car and not go NASCAR racing? How many other drivers would of continued to die cause NASCAR drags it’s feet on making safety improvements?

This both sucks and blows

“Imagine you get that automated e-mail sent from an HR department after they closed your profile saying, “Thank you for your interest in job #0002792614, but we have filled the position. In fact, we actually hired a homeless guy who we saw on YouTube. Good luck in your job search!” It’s supposed to be the “feel good” story of the week, but if it is then why do I along with many others not have a good feeling about it? When I 1st heard about Ted Williams, my 1st thought was wow the deceased Boston Red Sox baseball hall of famer, who’s head was cut off and frozen has job? Then I saw the details: He’d been fired in 1997 for theft and alleged drug and alcohol abuse, was living on the streets, but thanks to young hipster that posted a veto on YouTube, now finds himself gainfully employed. Good for him, but what about the other approx. 400,000 people a week, that are or will lose their jobs during this recession, only to find that are only about 100,000 jobs currently available? Most of these people are good hard working people that more qualified that Mr. Williams, are having a incredibility difficult time, even getting interviews, much less work. In my case this is the reality. Along with this, the other issue that sticks in my craw(?), is that there are at least 5 million people losing there unemployment benefits, because Congress and the President refused to extend them. There official reason is they believe in job creation not unemployment extensions. The unofficial is that no one wants to be seen a big spending liberal, especially with elections coming up. The problem here is that Ben Bernanke, the country’s leading encomiast, said it going to take 4-5 years for hiring levels to return to normal, but for many that will be too late.