With a name like that it can’t be good

its ryan dunn

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Ryan Dunn had 23 driving citations, including several for speeding. So after a night of heavydrinking he got in his $100,000 Porsche GT3 and drove into a tree at over 135 mph. No one that apparently knew him was completely surprised. In fact the mother of one of his friends had told him to take it easy, In 2005 he’d had similar crash but walked way and was cited. How did someone whom was only afford such a car and how was able to continue driving? Was he dot millionaire, athlete, or actor? No in a lot of ways he hit lottery. In the early 90’s MTV decided that showing shitty top 40 music videos wasn’t good enough. They wanted to carry more original programming after the success of shit pile called Big Brother in England. Basically the show was about a group people locked in a room with TV cameras. The people weren’t actors and it wasn’t scripted. So low overhead equaled higher profits. MTV introduced the real world and that turned into a success and the plague known as reality tv created in this country. MTV would decide expand to show based on exploits of failed actor  whom had found work as a writer. He had gained a repution as a stunt artist whom was having himself, shot , tasered and pepper sprayed. Later he’d whom allow himself to filmed, the videos would spark a bidding war between MTV, NBC and Comedy Central. Jackass was born and the show turned out to be more trouble that it was worth and was dropped within 2 years and MTV refused to show reruns. Problem with the show was some of the stunts were poorly thought out and executed and lead to several cast members being injured. Also it lead to lawsuits cause young kids were attempting some of the stunts and also hurting themselves. But it was  also a open secret that many of   cast members had drug and alcohol issues. The show lived via the Internet lead to 3 movies, and spin-offs as did the bad behavior. Ironically the losers may of won as Comedy Central hired ex MTV vj John Stewart and the Daily Show was born, NBC continues with SNL.. MTV and others however didn’t learn it’s lesson and would later come out with Jeresy Shore, Teen Mom and may be the worse Celebrity Rehab and show try to treat drug addicts for entertainment. But the trend may be turning around with MTV deciding to reintroduce scripted TV shows such Teen Wolf. It also announced it would be replacing the cast of Jersey Shore after several drunken indecents.

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ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser: I’m an idiot for suggesting #NASCAR race-fixing – No your not

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ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser: I’m an idiot for suggesting NASCAR race-fixing – Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News.

It’s funny cause in this case Tony Kornheiser may have done his homework on this one and his masters at “the Mothership” may have put some heat on him to retract his statement. Not doubt about it NASCAR has shown thought its 60 year history has not been above engineering outcomes for example:After a controversial win at Charlotte in October 1983 (win No. 198), in which Petty’s brother Maurice, who built the team’s engines, was accused of running an illegal engine (it was much larger than the allowed 358 cubic engines, NASCAR officials determined in a post-race inspection)”   Then in the case of Petty’s 200th win it’s rumored that NASCAR itself ordered a illegal engine for him.   Kyle Petty won races in the late 80s and 90s in what he called “funny cars” that were not up to spec. When Darrell Waltrip suggested this occurs commonly at Daytona before became as defacto NASCAR employee. Even sainted Dale Ernhardt suggested this when said  “Ain’t no way you can outrun an illegal race car.” Earlier this year Micheal Waltrip a noted race car driver and as team owner that has had  several major rules violations won a race without a NASCAR mandated rear spoiler, claimed it fell out due to “accident damage” , but the win was allowed. So yes Kornheiser was correct even though no one will  admit it-on the record.

10 men that shoula been contendas or president

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Well here is something I’d been thinking about for awhile. It a list of men that would of been president but……

Here’s the list

1. John McCain

Has all the qualifications to be nominated but wasn’t until 2008. Unfortunately he had to follow one of the most unpopular Presidents ever. You look at his career starting with the end of his military service in 1981 and his election 1982 to congress until  the last election he has always been mentioned as a contender, indeed was ‘on the list’ as Vice Presidental candidate in 1988, but wasn’t chosen. Why is the question? Here is a few theories: This 1st  is his temper, not shy about speaking his mind or to defend himself he’s made as many friends as enemies.  Another is he is own man not afraid to criticizes his own party or to go his own way. The final is there is a hint of scandal whether it’s involvement in the savings and loan scandal in the 1980s, Indian  Gaming or his own womanizing while he was naval officer, that caused the break-up of his 1st marriage. He proposed campaign reform, took on the tobacco companies, PEDs in sports, mixed martial arts, McCain is was always a leader.

2. Edward Moore Kennedy

 The Kennedys are and have been one of the more powerful families in modern American history, it also has been one of it’s more tragic. All of Kennedy brothers were considered Presidential candidates. Joesph Jr killed during WWII, John while he was President and Robert during campaign stop, that left “Ted”

Joesph Kennedy Sr was born into a politically powerful family, he then earned a fortune on Wall Street, then in steel,  then in movies, then alcohol distribution,  along the way he meet and made friends with Franklin D Roosevelt. By time FDR was 1st elected Joe Sr was one of the most powerful men in the United States and used that to get himself named as Ambassador to England in 1938.  He had hoped to use that post to become a Presidential candidate but after remarks he made in 1940 that appeared to be sympathetic to the Nazis, he was fired in 1940. Kennedy Sr would later work behind the scenes against FDRs’ renomation  in 1941. He used his influence to help surviving sons John and Robert get into politics and keep Ted out of the Korean War. Joe Sr would have a major stroke in 1961 and died in 1969

Ted would began his political career in 1962 after being chosen to replace his brother John in the Seante a seat he would hold on to until his death in 2009.  He would 1st be mentioned as a Presidential candidate in 1972, but would only officially run once in 1980, but by 1990  he realized his time had passed.

The biggest reason he never became a candidate was one word Chappaquiddick. That alone would of ended most Politicans career, especially today but had that not happened his own alcohol and womanizing might helped derail a campaign especially with run against Nixon in 1972.

Kennedy would finally clean up his act after his nephew’s rape trail in 1988, and become the elder statesman of the Democratic Party. Ironically after his son left his seat in congress there are no Kennedys serving in congress and the senate for the 1st time since 1958

3. Barry Goldwater 

Goldwater was the 1st of what could be called the “new” Conservatives, but only got one chance to run for the Presidency. 1st elected to the senate in 1953 left in 1965 after a unsuccessful bid, but elected again in 69 were he served until 1987. While he was widely held as defense expert, was though by many even those in his own party to be to right wing.  It would been interesting to see who the history of the 60s and 70s would of been different with him in the White House.

4. Henry A. Wallace

One of the few people on this list to never hold a elected office. Was appointed by FDR to Secretary of Agriculture in 1933, then was named to Vice Presidency in 1940, but was left off the ticket in 1944 cause of a letter he wrote to Buddhist, among other issues.   Later was brought back to be Secretary of Commerce, but was again fired. He was chosen by the Progressives to run for the office in 1948. He was supporter of both Civil Rights and the Soviet Union, lead to being considered to liberal by many.

5. Benjamin Franklin

 Well you could argue that he was ‘overqualified’ he was credited with discovering electricity, pretty much served as the voice of reason during the revolution, and for with skills with ladies, helped secure funding from France that helped country win it’s Independence from Great Britain.  He later became Ambassador to Sweden and later Postmaster also served as Governor of Pennsylvania.  The main reason Franklin was not considered for the office is probably due his age and the fact he was best used else where.

6. Alexander Hamilton

It wasn’t for lack of trying running in 1796 and 1800 for the office, would of run in 1804 but was killed in duel. Hamilton was born out of wed lock in the Caribbean, went to Columbia and was elected to Congress but left to found America’s 1st bank, joined the Army to fight the  British and became George Washington’s most trusted officer. Later would be appointed the 1st Sectary of the Treasury.  Would later again serve along side Washington in the Whiskey Rebellion. Was elected again to Congress, later was appointed Comdr of  the Army. He helped created many of the policies we have today. He was a fire brand that made many emenies also was  ladies man that lead to his death.

7. Dolley Madison

Ironicly had it not been for Aaron Burr, Dolley Todd never would of met James Madison. They were married and the position of 1st lady was created but not until her death. She was very influencal and both her husband and Thomas Jefferson’s administration and so beloved that no doubt  she would of been elected were she allowed to.

8. Eleanor Roosevelt

Has there even been a 1st lady that was more active in politics than her? She helped get her husband elected the continued to be active until he death 15 days before JFK’s assassination. Another early supporter of civil rights and the UN, not mention womans rights.

9. Aaron Burr

Was one of the founding fathers’ but best remembered for killing fellow founding father Alexander Hamilton during duel over there political disagreements. In spite of all his political achievments never liked it.  In fact probably the only sitting Vice President to serve his term from home.  Burr career was ruined by the duel and trail that followed, but that didn’t stop him from becoming an early western explorer.

10.  Colin Powell

A very well respected military commander that served in the Army from 1958 until 1993. Was one the 1st Americans sent to Vietnam in 1962 then returned in 1968, was at one point recruited by both democratic and republicans for the office. He finally accepted a position as the Sectary of State position with the Bush administration, but left over disagreemeInts over the invasion of Iraq. He  later endorsed Barrack Obama. Powell’s never going to get a real chance to run but he’s only about 74 and it could happen.

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