Jeremy Espiritu Found Competent

CBS Las Vegas

(Las Vegas, KXNT)-A 22-year old Las Vegas man accused of slashing the neck of his family’s dog is found competent to stand trial.    Jeremy Espiritu was arrested in December for killing black lab mix Serenity.

A police report of the incident show’s Espiritu’s cold response to why he did it.  The report states Espiritu told police he “wanted to” and that he “likes to hurt dogs.”  The complaint goes into even more detail of what happened.  When asked if the dog provoked him,  Espiritu tells police, ” Nope, I just wanted to stab the dog so I sat on the floor and cut its neck.”

At the time, Espiritu’s stepfather and mother told police they were concerned with his mental health.  Espiritu has a history of drug abuse and has also been known to disappear for weeks at a time.

A court asked for psychological evaluations on Espiritu, but doctors…

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