Why the Seahawks-Packers finish was not an interception, and why it would have been called the same by any referee crew.

Can everyone shut the fuck up about this

Life In Rewind

You probably have seen the play numerous times by now. Monday Night Football. Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers. After a game full of dubious calls by the much-maligned replacement officials, fans of both teams are heated at perceived injustices. With the score 12-7 and needing a touchdown to win, the Seahawks face a 4th down, do or die play from the 24 yard line:

The game ends with Seattle winning 14-12. The announcers, initially stunned at the play, decide upon replay that the touchdown call is incorrect. With each passing viewing of it in slow motion, they declare it a “tragedy” and spend the rest of the broadcast bemoaning the “jobbing” Green Bay has been handed. Controversy erupts across the nation at the Touchdown call that brings an epic end to the game. But instead of Golden Tate and Russell Wilson being praised for their unlikely last-second epic win…

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I also did not iHeart the iheart

This post is going to be all over the place, so buckle up. Last Friday was the the iHeart music festival, iheart is one of the several music apps that you can get that will allow you play live radio on your PDA, its free but cause its is they like to find a way to make money that add ‘premium’ content. So in order to get people to pay it put on a 3 day music festival with all the top acts. Green Day is one those rock acts that typicality inhabit the rock world. They play hard and party hard but that came to a end this weekend. Las Vegas is the worst place in the earth to be if you have any sort of addiction problems, your going to get into trouble. That is what happen Friday night:

” So Armstrong shouted, “Stand up, you lazy em-effers!” Repeatedly. He was having none of this sitting-down garbage. “Effing stand up! This is Las Vegas! This isn’t effing Reno”

Then the news came out that lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong was headed to rehab.  while was not shocking cause that is rock n roll

Another year and CBS has another Vegas based TV as they have to  try and find a show to replace CSI one of those shows that makes the city look much better and smarter than it’s actually is. The new Vegas show is called ‘VEGAS’ not to be confused the other Vega$ or Las Vegas. It based on the exploits of the father of Las Vegas law enforcement Ralph Lamb.  He famous for among other things his numerous run ins with gangsters and ‘hands on treatment of criminals. He worked in the Department from the early 50s to the late 70s. he worked he way up the ranks from patrol officer to detective to Sheriff. He merged the Clark County and Las Vegas departments to create Las Vegas Metropolitan Police that exists today. He also created one of the lst nation’s SWAT units.  His run as Sheriff ended after he took a $30,000 ‘gift’ form Binyion’s casino owner. The gift attracted a attention of the IRS whom charge him with fraud for failure to report and pay taxes on it. A friendly judge threw the case out citing lack of evidence. he was later voted out of office.  It is interesting to note that the former CSI Warrick Brown‘s murder is loosely based on Lamb.

NASA Actually Working on Faster-than-Light Warp Drive


You know that scene in the film Contact where the “Machine” is spooling up, its three spinning rings kicking out crazy light and an electromagnetic field powerful enough to pitch nearby Navy battleships sideways, as Ellie (Jodie Foster) waits, terrified, in her tiny spherical craft above the space-time bedlam, to plummet into the vortex?

Yeah, that’s not exactly how NASA’s envisioning faster-than-light space travel, but…wait, NASA’s working on faster-than-light travel? Isn’t that impossible?

(MORE: Ultrafast Chips that Run on Light: Nanoswitch Breakthrough Brings Us Closer)

Of course it is. Nothing can travel faster than light, right? To do so would violate the special theory of relativity, which stipulates that you’d need an infinite amount of energy to accelerate a particle with mass to light speed. We’ve all heard this pretty much since we were kids. Has someone finally proven special relativity wrong?

Not at all…

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I hate black people and I’m black does that make me a racist?

ImageNot doubt about it, I have seen things in Ghetto Vegas that set black folks back 100 years. It’s almost like what is a good thing to do and bad thing to and black folks do the wrong thing.If got though the local Las Vegas new sources you see so many examples of bad choices we make that as person of color it makes you want to join the KKK. An example of this a college fair being held currently in Ghetto Vegas. The fact that they are focusing on traditional ‘Black’ colleges that were created when black weren’t allowed to traditional colleges is glossed over in the rush to preserve some kind of of fucked up ‘niggia’ heritage is amazing to me. It just seems to me if my child were good enough to get into college I would want to to the best school available. And constant use of that word by felons and criminals in the black community is an embarrassment to the entire community  


Barack was right but why does he still keep coming here

Las Vegas Strip panoramaEdit Fcb981

Las Vegas Strip panoramaEdit Fcb981 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s been another terrible week here in Ghetto Vegas. After multiple  deaths soon to be defunct Las Vegas Sun posted this puff piece about all the cons you can find on the strip and shows how ineffective the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police  is. The problem is off the strip is a virtual no mans land filled with con artists and violent criminals and culture that says whatever you can do to make money is fine just don’t get caught. A sign of this is number of sells jobs you find here witch the only way to make money is that you need to a a soulless lair.  And people wonder why tourism is off  

And the hits keep on coming

Vegas bus stop crash kills 4, injures 8

83. It not a large number until you realize it’s the number of people that killed in stupid and entirely preventable traffic accidents. Most of these were single car accidents with stupid drunk drunks at the wheel. Some were genius whom tried jaywalk across uncrossable 8 lane highways. But this should the all to action, but because this place is full of thoughtless, empty vessels it won’t be. The problem is there is no accountability here. This story is a perfect example of this. For the 3rd time this year a drunk driver drove into bus stop. This time 4 people died. The driver had been cited before and not punished.

“Bad driving, drunken driving, inattentive driving, texting while driving, cutting-off-others-out-of-anger driving  I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a recipe for disaster. And you know what? This is just about the only city in the world that I know of where this sort of stuff is allowed to occur. And nobody seems to be doing anything about it.”